UDJAA Baseball offers intramural programs for children ages 4-17. The Spring program includes the following leagues:

Tee-Ball: Current and rising kindergartners (boys and girls ages 4-6) learn the basics of baseball in a fun and encouraging environment. Kids hit the ball from a batting tee, which is height-adjusted for a level swing, as they bat in order through the line-up for the entire game and learn rules of the game and sportsmanship. Players must be at least 5 years old by September 1. We try to honor, but cannot guarantee, teammate and coach requests.

AAA: Our league for 1st/2nd graders starts as machine-pitch, which often lessens the fear of being hit by a pitch and leads to more action in the field. As confidence builds and players become more comfortable, most teams will transition to a coach-pitch from the mound. We try to honor, but cannot guarantee, teammate and coach requests.

Rookies: The 3rd/4th grade league is all kid-pitch. Players will refine their skills on a 60-foot field and play more structured, competitive games with minor rules adjustments. The Rookie league is the youngest division to enter the batting cages in addition to field practices. At this age, we are no longer able to accommodate player/coach requests.

Majors: The 5th/6th grade league moves up to a 70-foot field as players improve their level of game strategy. Both Majors and Rookies will play with teams that include travel players in a more relaxed but still competitive environment. Again, we can no longer accommodate player/coach requests.