UDJAA Baseball offers an extensive travel program for kids who desire a higher level of competition. Our travel teams participate in the Suburban Travel League and offers teams in the 8U/9U/10U/11U and 12U divisions.

While travel baseball offers kids a great opportunity to enhance their skills in a more competitive environment, it also requires a serious commitment for players and their families. 

All players who participate in the travel program are also required to play in-house baseball. The typical week will include 2 travel games (Friday evening and Sunday afternoon), 2 in-house games (1 weekday and 1 Saturday), and one or more practices – resulting in at least 5 days of baseball each week of the season.

We also have three older travel teams that are made up of 13 year olds, 14's and 15/16's. This allows kids to play highly competitive baseball all the way into high school; which eventually funnels players to our high school and American Legion teams. 

Most of our travel teams carry approximately 12-13 players to allow for adequate playing time. However, because of its competitive level, there is no guarantee of playing time. Our coaches are encouraged to play all players in every game.

Tryouts are held in the Fall to select the teams for the following Spring. All players, including those who have played in previous years, are required to tryout. It is not unusual for new players to make the team from year to year. Therefore, those that do not make the team one year are encouraged to continue to work on their game and tryout again the following season.