MASK AND CONCUSSION POLICIES (as of January 23, 2022)

Mask Requirements

To ensure there is no confusion, we are following the current Upper Dublin School District policy around masks and athletics.  

  • Per the school district's policy: When actively engaged in athletic competition, masks are required for athletes who have come out of quarentine after day five (5). Masking when not actively engaged in competition (i.e. on the bench) is required.
  • For UDJAA travel and intramural basketball, that means masks are optional for players while they are in the game. 
  • All players on the bench must wear a mask.
  • All coaches are required to wear a mask during practices and games.
  • All spectators on school property and in the gyms must wear a mask.

Concussion Safety

We probably all know a child who has been diagnosed with a concussion in recent years. The effects can be short term and the child is able to return to all activities fairly quickly or in some cases symptoms of the concussion can last for months.  

  • All UDJAA coaches are required once per academic year to take a course in understanding concussions, what to look for and when an athlete is fit to return to the court/field.
  • In addition all coaches follow Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) and require various background checks to be renewed per state requirements..

The coaches do their best to observe every play and make a determination on different situations, if you see something that the coach does not please let them know your child should be out of the game  - you know your child far better than anyone. Conversely, if the coach feels that a child could have suffered a concussion it is their right to pull your child from the game. In addition, the referees are permitted to instruct a coach to remove a girl due to injury or suspicion of a concussion.

Who can determine if a child is not fit to continue particpating in a game?

  • Parent
  • Coach
  • Referee

In the event your child suffers a concussion, we ask you to please provide a note from a physician confirming they are healthy enough to return to practice.

If you are interested to take the same concussion course our coaches are required to take each year, you can find it here: It only takes about 30-45 minutes and is filled with helpful information.