Intramural Basketball Information

UDJAA Basketball Policies:
Intramural Program:
Grades 2 & 3 Instructional in nature, no official score, no standings
Grades 4 & up Competitive, with standings and playoffs
Minimum playing time: One half, (2 Full Quarters) of every game
If you believe your player is not getting the minimum time please contact us
Team Selection Grades 2 & 3 - Assigned by Commissioners, requests accepted from grade 2 players only, but cannot guaranteed
Grades 4 & up - Teams drafted by Coaches (no requests will be honored)
Schedule Pick teams late November to early December
Start Practice late November to early December
Start Games January to March
-- Each family will be required to serve as a "Hall Monitor" during at least one game during the season. Hall Monitors are expected to keep all children in the gyms. If there is any damage, disturbance or fire alarms pulled, gym time could be cut back or eliminated by the school principal. The school district controls the gysm usage. The coaches will provide Hall Monitor assignments. We need and appreciate your cooperation
--Missing practices and games to play other sports disrupts our programs. The UDJAA and UD Soccer Club have agreed that Basketball is the "in season" sport for the winter months. If you are playing another sport this winter, and a conflict arises, then in fairness to teammates and coaches, we strongly recommend that you don't sign up for UDJAA Basketball or Cheerleading. Please read rules that apply to our high school age groups below.
--No food, drinks, or pets are permitted on school property or in the gyms.
--Per the school district, there is no ROLLLER BALL sneakers allowed in the schools.
--No unsupervised children are allowed at the games and/or practices.
--Disruptive action of any kind, such as heckling referees, coaches and players, by parents and other attendees including siblings, will not be tolerated! Repeated disruptive actions will result in gym ejections, game forfeitures, and suspensions.
Thank you for your cooperation with these matters. Hope you have a great season!