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When Does Travel Basketball Start?
Registration: November 20-29, 2020
Tryouts: December

Practices: Begin immediately, however, conflicts with Fall sports are expected and players are REQUIRED to go to their Fall "in season" sports practices or games. This requirement is not optional and must be followed by parents and players until the in-season sport ends their season around Thanksgiving.

Games will begin as soon as Thanksgiving for certain tournaments and usually in mid December for league games. Playoffs typically occur in early-March and the length of the playoffs will depend on the league.

Travel Basketball Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of time commitment does Travel Basketball require?
From late October until December when games begin, there is more gym time available so practice maybe 3-5 hours per week. After that, typically, there are two practices per week or 1 longer practice for a total of 2 hours per week. We practice at Sandy Run, Maple Glen and other UD schools. COVID restrictions may change the normal schedule.

2. How is the basketball age group determined?
Age is typically determined as your child’s age as of August 31st of the current year, however, there may be exceptions for kids to be permitted to play with their grade.

3. What are the rules for playing up an age?
Some leagues permit players to play up on older teams. The UDJAA has a specific rule in place to allow children the ability to play up with their talent-appropriate group. However, UDJAA allows you to move up one time or drop back one time, but your child may only tryout for one age group team per season. If you do not make a team, even if you are trying out to play up, your UDJAA option is to play intramurals for the current season (see number 5 below).  Players should only consider playing up under special circumstances.

4. How are the Travel teams selected?
Two or three closed tryouts (practices) will be conducted with a selection committee present.

5. What happens if my child doesn’t make the team?.
Your child will have the option to play in the UDJAA intramural program and you will be given a refund for the difference or a full refund will be provided if your child decides not to play this year at all.

6. Is there guaranteed playing time?.
This is competitive basketball and one of the main goals is to win. League rules typically do not require each child to play, however, the UDJAA typically requires that each player gets a minimum of five (5) minutes per game.

7. How many games are there and where are they located?.
There are teams located from Royersford to New Hope. Some games will be very local but others may require some travel. The League has typically has 12 regular season games starting in January running thru February, however, the league may begin regular season games in December, Playoffs start at the end of February and league is usually completed by the second weekend in March. COVID restrictions may change the normal schedules.

Participation in two tournaments is part of the registration fee. There are tournaments available throughout the season and the final decision on which tournament to play in will be made by each individual travel team coach. If teams decide to play in more than 2 tournaments the tournament fee will need to be paid by the team parents.