Rev. 4.04.17
I. Program Structure

A. The UDJAA Summer Basketball League will be conducted according to the policies & guidelines
of the Upper Dublin Junior Athletic Association, the Upper Dublin School District and Upper Dublin

B. The Upper Dublin Summer Basketball League will be offered to boys & girls who will be entering 5th,
6th, 7th & 8th grades in September of the current calendar year. No team may roster more than 3 players who are
one grade lower than the appropriate league grade level.

C. The UDJAA SBL is open to all youngsters without regard to race, creed, gender or playing ability who
are age & grade appropriate.

D. League information, results, standings & updates may be found at Click on tab titled "Summer Basketball".

E. Communication- With the League will be through the head coach listed on the League Contact List
on the UDJAA website. Parents and assistant coaches will communicate through the Head Coach.

II. Program Location

A. Maple Glen Elementary School, 1580 Fort Washington Ave, Maple Glen, PA 19002

B. Pet Policy - Upper Dublin School District Policy prohibits bringing dogs or other pets onto school property. Anyone
bringing dogs or pets to games will be asked to take their pet off the premises.

III. League Play

A. The league will begin the last week of May and run through the end of July. Games will be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights from 5:30 PM to 7:25 PM. Monday nights are reserved for make-up games due to rain outs.

B. Each team will be scheduled for minimum of (10) games plus playoffs, weather permitting. No refunds will be made for games not played due to weather conditions.

IV. League Structure- For players entering the following grades in September:

League B6U – for Boys entering 5th & 6th Grade

League G6U – for Girls entering 5th & 6th Grade

League B78 – for Boys entering 7th & 8th Grades

League G78 – for Girls entering 7th & 8th Grades

V. Conduct

A. Coaches, players and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship and civility at all times.

B. The following violations by coaches, players or spectators will result in immediate technical foul(s)

1. Fighting or leaving the bench area during a fight; double technical & automatic game ejection.
Anyone involved in a fight will be permanently suspended from all UDJAA SBL activities.

2. Profanity - automatic technical foul

3. Baiting- automatic technical foul

4. Taunting- automatic technical foul

C. Spectators will be removed from the premises for any of the behaviors noted above.

VI. Team Rosters

A. Teams may roster up to fifteen (15) players. There is a minimum roster requirement of (12) players.

B. Players must have documented insurance coverage on file with UDJAA SBL prior to the first game.

C. Players may only be rostered to one team.

D. Players may be added to the roster after first game only upon approval by the League Directors.

E. Teams entering the 5th -6th Grade Leagues would be required to limit the team roster to not more than 3 players
entering the 4th grade.
VII. Game Management

A. Games start precisely at the scheduled time. Lateness may result in forfeit or reduced game time. If
players arrive late, 1st Q will begin play 4 v. 4. By 2nd Q, team must field 5 players or forfeit the game.

B. Regulation Time will consist of four (4) eight minute quarters.

C. The last one minute of Q’s 1 & 3 and the last two minutes of Q’s 2 & 4 will be Stop Time.

D. Each team is allowed two (2) 60 second & (2) 30 second timeouts per game.

E. One (1) additional timeout during overtime. Timeouts from regulation or previous overtime periods may
not be carried over into successive overtime periods.

F. Halftime- 2 minutes; 1 minute between 1st and 2nd quarters & 3rd and 4th quarters.

G. Overtime- 3 minutes with last one (1) minute being stop time. After that, League Games are Sudden Death.
Playoff Overtimes- Play through until a winner is determined at the end of an Overtime period.

H. Referees may declare stop time anytime during a game at their discretion.

  1. PIAA rules are in effect for all games except as superseded by Special League Rules & Regulations.

J. Mercy Rule- Teams may not full court press if pressing team is up by 15 or more points;

XIII. Player Participation Rules

A. The head coach is responsible for signing players into the Official Scorebook each game.

B. Playing time is up to the coaches discretion, please keep in mind this is an off season league and all players are looking to improve and have fun. 

D. Only rostered players may play in any game & they must be listed in the official score book.

 IX. Equipment

A. Game shirts,  referees, team benches, scorer’s table, rest room facilities, first-aid area, snack and beverage area and Lost & Found will be furnished by UDJAA SBL.

B. Head Coaches should bring their own basketballs, water or energy drinks and first aid kits to all games.

C. UDJAA SBL will provide official League numbered shirts for all teams

X. Defenses

A. 6th & Under League- Man v. Man- no Zone or Zone Press allowed. F/C Press Man v. Man is allowed. Double teaming is allowed.  Mercy Rule applies after 15 point lead. No Parking a player in the Paint;

B. 7th & 8th Grade League- All Man, Zone, Presses and combinations of defenses are allowed. Mercy Rule
applies for leads of 15 points or more.

XI. Game Scheduling

A. All game scheduling, including games postponed by weather, will be scheduled by UDJAA SBL Directors. Coaches are not to postpone or otherwise schedule or reschedule games. There are no exceptions.

B. Make Up Games will be played either on “ Make up Mondays” or an “Open Slot” on regular game days.

C. Weather- Coaches are encouraged to go online to to see if games are to be postponed
due to weather and to check for “make up game” scheduling. League Directors will try to give as much
prior notice to the Head Coach for games postponed due to weather.

D. Teams that do not have enough players available for a game will have to forfeit the game.